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“How Brands Grow”, by Byron Sharp. Some top line implications for Shopper Research.

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This book and the thinking within it is gaining a great deal of traction across the packaged goods Industry. If you haven’t read it, my layman’s summary is that panel data meta-studies over time show that it's far more powerful (effective) to increase penetration (ie recruit more buyers) than to try to enhance loyalty as

The what and the why. The yin and yang of shopper research.

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Different purveyors of methodology place differing emphasis on different types of shopper learning. To us, its all about understanding clearly current changes in shopper behaviour.  First, you need to know what shoppers are doing (how their choices are changing). Then you need to know why they are doing this. One without the other won’t get

Shopper researchers need more empathy

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I don’t mean they need to be more cuddly and approachable as people (although that might be nice!) I mean that the researcher needs to be able to put themselves in the shoes of the other guy. The competitor. One of shopper research’s critical functions is to represent the external world to the business. And

How do you reduce “wastage” in shopper research?

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There are quite a few ways that time and money get eaten unproductively in shopper research. More than one company researches the same thing Small-scale projects are inherently inefficient Too much project time spent re-inventing the wheel We like to think at Shopper Intelligence we have made a significant step towards a more cost-efficient model