How do you reduce “wastage” in shopper research?

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There are quite a few ways that time and money get eaten unproductively in shopper research. More than one company researches the same thing Small-scale projects are inherently inefficient Too much project time spent re-inventing the wheel We like to think at Shopper Intelligence we have made a significant step towards a more cost-efficient model

Ten ways to save money on shopper research

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Don’t do it Yes, the very first question is whether its really worth it. Are you going to be able to turn any new insights into business gains? No one should do research just to “find things out”. Look at what you already know A variant of 1, but maybe you already know the answers.

So, how exactly do you create a Shopper Insight?

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‘Insight’ surely a leading candidate for the prestigious title of the most overused term of the decade. Everyone seems to have a different view of what it is, but – let’s face it – the word gets applied to almost everything and anything. So, time for us to weigh in here. To us, shopper insight

What exactly is “premium”?

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Before we get to the crux of this blog, first a story. I was on holiday in a lovely part of Southern Italy. I went on a tour of an old Olive Oil farm and visited the ancient on-site olive press. Their set-up was brilliant and had been in use since Roman times. I took

Is Shopper Marketing a Waste of Time?

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OK, we should probably re-phrase our question for this blog - does shopper marketing waste too much time in our companies? But what exactly do we mean by that? In our business lives*, there are two key things that contribute to time wasting. Firstly, spending too much time and effort on the wrong activities. Secondly,

Shopper Research Briefs: Good, Bad and Ugly

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It’s a truism to say a research project is only as good as the brief. But how much time really goes into the planning of research versus the doing of research and the attempt to land the learnings from the research? All too often the bias of the time and effort is on the latter